News on Emanuel Church House Fire: Monday 4/2/2018

On the day after Easter (2018), nearly 90 years of memories went up in smoke as the Emanuel Lutheran Church, Dallas, church house burned early in the morning. We give thanks that no lives were lost. We give thanks for the Fire Department who did their best to rescue the building. We give thanks for the many memories: the pastors who lived there; the weddings and wedding receptions and other special events; the Sunday School classes, and the people who attended Unidos Podemos meetings.  We are sad that all of the games for our annual fall “Back-to-School Carnival” were destroyed by the flames. But we give thanks that the Emanuel Community Center is inviting people to help replace them in time for this annual August event. Emanuel means “God is with us.” And we know that God is with us in this time of loss and grief.  Please pray for the people of Emanuel Lutheran Church as we continue to concern God’s call in the midst of this time of change and resurrection.

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