“What can I do to help after the fire on Emanuel’s property?

Here’s some ways you can help:

 1.You can pray that God will guide us in this time of unexpected change. God will give us new vision, new life and new hope.

2.  You can DONATE* to help continue Emanuel’s  outreach ministries through the Emanuel Community Center, as well as with some of the costs associated with the fire.

Go to http://emanuel.community/donate/ or select the DONATE button on the Emanuel Community Center Facebook page.

3. At some point, we will need HELPING HANDS to help with things like:

Construction of games for the Back to School Carnival.

Property cleanup.

Finding ways to support the ministries who used the house as their meeting place.

Continuing the outreach ministries in our neighborhood – such as the weekly Food Pantry.

People to contact if you are interested in helping:

Pastor Cindy Carroll  pr.cindycarroll@gmail.com  or secretary@emanueldallas.org

Mita Havlick, ECC, mita@havlick.com

*The ECC is a 501(c)(3). As such, all donations are tax deductible and will go to replacing items critical to ensuring our programs continue — for example, buying material to rebuild our Back to School Carnival games, cleanup of property, providing a safe and secure meeting place for community support groups, and continuing on our original path of providing fresh meals to neighbors and creating social-venture opportunities.

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