Why I Came Here


I came to Emanuel when I was pregnant with my first child because I wanted to raise my children with the support of a religious community that would reinforce my values. I continue to attend Emanuel because it is loving community that nurtures my spirit and allows me to give back to the community — Cindy Seamans

We love this church because we like to be where the action is, in the trenches. The people are real, the world is real. The Holy Spirit can be felt. — Alberto Tomas

We came and felt it was a great community. Very welcoming. The mission of the church is appealing and they immediately welcomed us into participating in the mission work. — Nancy Johnson

We like the diversity of the congregation and the food pantry. The people are friendly. — Eve Stevens

Our church (Grace Lutheran) closed and we looked for a new church for two years. Emanuel has that same fellowship feeling. It’s a little easier going here. Things don’t have to be perfect every Sunday. — Leland Jones

We stay at Emanuel because it is a good place to serve God and the community. — Gaynelle Schultz.